Monday, June 25, 2012

TRUTH TALK NEWS Exposes COINTELPRO Campaign Against Dr. Carpenter & Lase Med Inc.

Monday, June 25, 2012

June 25, 2012
9:11 PM-10:11 PM

Howard Nema Hosts Truth Talk News
With guests, Dr. Antonella Carpenter, Randy Simmons and Barbara Hartwell.

We will be discussing the counterintelligence campaign to neutralize Dr. Carpenter and Associates, and to "shut down Lase Med. Inc."

Howard Nema has come forward as a supporter of Dr. Carpenter, and has also helped us to expose Michelle Wolven, a busybody/stalker and career liar, who has led the charge to discredit Dr. Carpenter; who recently has also libeled and harassed Barbara Hartwell, and aggressively contacted known associates of Barbara Hartwell; and who tried to get an "interview" on Howard's program, while libeling Dr. Carpenter.

Wolven's attempts at making contact, her machinations and her pressure tactics were DISREGARDED by Howard Nema, and his only "response" to Michelle Wolven was the posting of this report by Barbara Hartwell:

PROFILE: Michelle Wolven, Gate-Crasher and Stalker from Hell
Thank you, Howard Nema (and all others who DISREGARDED and IGNORED Michelle Wolven's attempts at making contact, in her plot to extract information about Barbara Hartwell, and her pressure tactics) for your discernment and integrity, and for doing the right thing!
Listen live:

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