Thursday, June 28, 2012

For the Record: A Message on Privacy & Sovereignty:

I recently posted a report which exposed a complaint launched against Barbara Hartwell by one Chris Zucker.  Zucker had sent the complaint to at least two of my known associates/friends, which made his complaint public, whether he recognizes this fact or not. In any case, I was not going to just let this go without addressing it, as I had done nothing wrongful to anyone, including Zucker.
"Freedom Fighter" Chris Zucker Launches Complaint Against Barbara Hartwell
It is important to mention the fact that I DO NOT KNOW Chris Zucker. I have never, at any time, had any contact with him. However, the two associates (at least those I know of) to whom he sent his complaint were acquainted with Zucker, and he had tried to use them as intermediaries on many occasions in relation to me, trying to contact me, in which I made it clear that I had no interest.
One of these individuals is Geral Sosbee, who out of loyalty to me, and as a matter of principle, forwarded me the complaint from Zucker. The other individual (who shall remain nameless) chose not to do so. Out of respect for this individual's privacy, I did not name this person in my report.
My report was very simply an attempt to set the record straight about certain persons, including Chris Zucker, and a longtime enemy of Barbara Hartwell  and Geral Sosbee, Ken Adachi, a PR shill for the late Ted Gunderson, and diabolical calumniator, who has been running a massive libel campaign against Barbara Hartwell for well over a decade. Zucker was promoting Adachi (and by extension Adachi's accomplices, including Tim White, Todd Brendan Fahey and other psychopaths and demonic liars), and thereby making himself an accessory to the libel campaign against Barbara Hartwell. For this reason, I added his name to my HALL OF SHAME.

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