Saturday, June 23, 2012

PROFILE: Michelle Wolven, Gate-Crasher, Stalker from Hell

Saturday, June 23, 2012
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On doing a search for Michelle Wolven, busybody and psycho stalker freak, I have learned that Wolven does not limit her harassment to Dr. Antonella Carpenter and the staff of Lase Med Inc., and their supporters (including Barbara Hartwell).

No indeed, Michelle Wolven has a long history of such harassment, gate-crashing and stalking. This report exposes Michelle Wolven not only as a stalker, but as a bald-faced LIAR, who has made false claims of "assault" against various individuals --just as Wolven continues to LIE, making false claims against Dr. Carpenter, her staff, and supporters, including Barbara Hartwell.

Here (below), I present documented evidence of Michelle Wolven's flagrant and unconscionable dishonesty. But before getting to that, I should mention that in the last week, Michelle Wolven has continued her harassment of various individuals, in connection with her obsessive campaign to destroy Dr. Carpenter and to "shut down Lase Med Inc.".

As exposed in a previous report, Wolven wrote a complaint to the station manager of Orion Talk Radio, libeling Barbara Hartwell, Dr. Carpenter and others, as well as making threats of legal action, though she has no grounds for such. It has since been reported by the station manager, that he has received further "harassing" messages from Wolven, including her angry complaints that he forwarded the message to Randy Simmons, an associate of Dr. Carpenter, which was later published and refuted by Barbara Hartwell.

I really have to wonder, what was Wolven expecting? That the station manager would hush the matter up; that he would not do the right thing by notifying one of the talk show hosts on his network, namely Dr, Carpenter, that she and her associates were being libeled, that threats were made, and that complaints were being launched against her?

If any complaints were launched against me (and they certainly have been), and sent to my friends/professional associates, I would certainly expect them, in good conscience, as a matter of integrity, to NOTIFY me of such a thing.

Michelle Wolven apparently believes that she has the "right" to her OWN "privacy", even secrecy, in a very PUBLIC matter (one that SHE HERSELF has made public), in sending out her libelous messages to the manager of a radio station (while also copying the message to several of her accomplices, including Bob Criscuolo and Bob Babecka, also engaged in the libel/slander/harassment/stalking campaign against Dr. Carpenter --all the while violating the privacy, the personal boundaries, and the fundamental rights of others, with impunity. This is the oh-so-typical double standard adhered to by all aggressors, most specifically in this case, busybody/stalker Michelle Wolven.

In addition, Michelle Wolven has widened the scope of her harassment of known associates of Barbara Hartwell, in her attempts to extract information which is none of her business, and to exert pressure (more aggression) by contacting radio talk host Howard Nema, libeling Dr. Carpenter and pressuring Howard for an "interview" on his program. 

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