Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Duty of Every Patriot

 It is the duty of every patriot to protect his country from its government.
--Thomas Paine

Most Americans will never know what it is like to be targeted for a neutralization campaign. That is because they have not been singled out for persecution. For this reason, because they have not personally experienced the living hell of being a Target, often they have trouble believing the true stories of those like Barbara Hartwell or former FBI agent Geral Sosbee. Rather, we are often called "radicals" or " anti-government extremists", especially by the more ignorant among the population.

Being a veteran of decades of counterintelligence wars, I have chosen to  dedicate much of my time, and my investigations, to exposing the truth of the psy war and neutralization campaigns being waged against whistleblowers.

Unfortunately, over the past decade, the word "whistleblower" has been watered down to such an extent that it is being used inaccurately by non-whistleblowers; bandied about in connection to unrelated issues; and claimed as an unwarranted "credential" by those who have not earned it, those merely seeking attention and attempting to aggrandize themselves.

Here is a legal definition of "whistleblower":

The disclosure by a person, usually an employee in a government agency or private enterprise, to the public or to those in authority, of mismanagement, corruption, illegality, or some other wrongdoing.


Yesterday evening Howard Nema, host of Truth Talk News, did a show exposing the COINTELPRO campaign to neutralize Dr. Carpenter, and "shut down Lase Med Inc."

Michelle Wolven was further exposed on this program, and while it was in progress, we were informed that Wolven had invaded another online group, United Truth Seekers. Pam Suggs came on the the broadcast and told how a "crazy woman" named Wolven had "joined" the group, using not only her name, but also posted a false I.D., a photo of Dr. Carpenter; and how she was harassing Pam and libeling Dr. Carpenter (the usual).

Then, this morning, I got a call from Howard Nema, who told me that his account had been hacked after he posted the video of last night's show on You Tube. He couldn't access his account after that, couldn't get into the account using the associated user name or e-mail address, which had always worked before. (More details will be forthcoming from Howard in future.)

During the broadcast, my skype was going haywire, and my firewall/virus protection was working overtime to repel the attempted intrusions. I was cut off from the broadcast and it took almost ten minutes to get me back on the air. 

To add to the chaos, one minute before the broadcast started, some punks were setting off firecrackers right outside my house (the street was quiet otherwise) and they were shooting up directly at the electrical wires in front of the house. I had to run outside to stop them, but by that time they had fled the scene.

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