Monday, November 12, 2012

Dr. Carpenter and Barbara Hartwell join WE ARE CHANGE CT with Howard Nema, 11-10-12

A three-hour broadcast of We Are Change Connecticut with Howard Nema, on Truth Broadcast Network and Project Freedom Radio, with Barbara Hartwell as guest in hour two, and Dr. Carpenter joining them for hour three.

The Webb of Stooges, with Barbara Hartwell (COINTELPRO Discussion #12)

Barbara Hartwell is Dr. Carpenter's guest for hour one of The Medical Conspiracy, on Orion Talk Radio, November 10, 2012. Election week events are discussed, as well as a recent show on another network, a "Halloween Special," where an old acquaintance of Barbara's calls her out as a "hitwoman" and a "stooge working for Daddy Bush." More info on this particular broadcast and the people discussed is available at .