Saturday, February 23, 2013

Letter to United States Attorney in Support of Dr. Carpenter

NOTE: Here is my letter to the United States Attorney. For everyone who cares about Health Care Freedom, I ask that you please write your own letters. Dr. Carpenter needs our support, so please send your letter, by e-mail or post ASAP. The deadline is March 1, 2013.

If sending by e-mail:

Thank you for your consideration.

February 23, 2013

Barbara Hartwell
PO Box 22
Old Orchard Beach
Maine 04064

Danny C Williams, Sr.
United States Attorney
Northern District of Oklahoma 

Ryan L. Souders
Assistant United States Attorney
110 W 7th, Suite 300
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74119-1013

Dear Messrs. Williams & Souders,

I am writing to you as a friend and supporter of Dr. Antonella Carpenter, who has received a letter from your office stating that she is the target of a Grand Jury Investigation on the charges of  "mail and wire fraud."

To my knowledge, according to Dr. Carpenter, no futher information was disclosed as to the specific nature of this allegation.

I understand from witnesses that Dr. Carpenter's office was raided by FDA agents on July 11, 2012, accompanied by local police, and that much of her property was seized at that time, including her hardcopy records, computer files, her laser equipment, and a large sum in cash.

This raid was accomplished only by deception, whereby the FDA agent falsely claimed to be the "nephew" of a prospective "patient". In other words, the agent lied to Dr. Carpenter. The "patient", whom she spoke to on the telephone, also lied, in presenting false information about her "symptoms" prior to setting up the "appointment" for treatment. 

Is this how things are routinely done by your colleagues, sworn to uphold the law, that dishonesty is acceptable, any means to an end? If so, then I have to wonder about your concern for any form of justice, which should be pursued and administered only in accordance with the truth. 

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